Mentoring is a unique partnership requiring the highest of standards of professional conduct, consistent with integrity and ethical standards upheld by Clemson University and the College of Business.  Participation in the Clemson College of Business Tiger Ties Mentorship Program requires agreement to the following program and partnership guidelines. 
  1. Confidentiality of information shared in mentoring discussions is critical. All conversations and information shared should be considered confidential unless otherwise agreed upon or discussed.

  2. Introductions to a mentor’s extended network is a privilege. All relationship boundaries are also applicable to these relationships.

  3. Mentors are expected to approach the relationship with an open mind; provide open and honest feedback with no intent to insult or harm; and commit to challenging their mentees to exceed their own expectations, encouraging personal and professional growth.  Menteesmust commit to be as open as possible, providing honest presentations of issues and be forthcoming in all discussions.

  4. Commitment to the relationship is an important part of the program. Participants agree to work together to resolve conflicts that may arise. If unable to come to a satisfactory agreement, they will request assistance from the Tiger Ties staff.

  5. Program participants will act in good faith and with goodwill. Participants will not hold liable the other for information, feedback or recommendations. Each recognizes their full, and individual, choice for final decisions made and actions taken.

  6. Participants commit to participate in the program keeping relationships free of discrimination, harassment, romantic or sexual involvement. Participants agree to engage with their mentoring partner in a professional manner, free from the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. Any concerns of this nature must be communicated to Tiger Ties staff immediately. Participants agree to communicate with their mentoring partner at least once per month. In addition, participants must be respectful of their mentoring partner’s obligations beyond Tiger Ties by not infringing upon their academic studies, work commitments, and time with their family/loved ones.

  7. In accordance with current privacy legislation, Clemson University College of Business will not disclose, share, duplicate or distribute personal information beyond the expressed purposes of the mentorship program and Clemson University College of Business records management. Your personal information will not be shared with, or sold to, outside third parties. More specifically, your agreement indicates consent for Tiger Ties staff to make available your personal profile information with registered program participants only.

  8. As a program participant, you are restricted from disclosing, sharing, duplicating or distributing any individual's personal information to other program participants, Clemson University College of Business community members, or outside third parties, without the direct and expressed consent of the individual.

  9. The program is not intended to provide students (mentees) with employment from mentors or their organizations.

  10. All participants agree to complete periodic program evaluations. Participants are encouraged to maintain contact with the mentor and to provide feedback on the program and their mentoring partnership.